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Discipleship Group Modules

Growing in Faith with a Few

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Hosea: God's Covenantal Love for Sinful People

The prophet Hosea is called by God to be a living illustration of Israel’s spiritual condition before the LORD. The book shows the depths of God’s love for his covenant people.

How can I know God's will?

This is a question most Christians wrestle with and the Bible gives good answers that satisfy our longings, though they may not be what you expect. These 10 texts explore the question of God’s will and the ways in which he instructs and leads his people.

Paul's Letter to Titus

Paul writes to Titus as his spiritual ‘father’ and in his letter we see the Father heart of God for his church. These 10 texts explore God’s love and passion for his church and how the gospel infuses and informs every aspect of church life.

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How can I know I'm saved?

How can we know that we are loved, saved, and secure with Jesus? These 10 texts explore how God saves and what it means to belong to Jesus.

Attributes of God

Who is the God of the Bible? These 10 texts show us what God has revealed about himself through his word.

God's Temple

God’s Temple in the bible is where heaven and earth meet. These 10 texts explore the origins of the temple and the profound reality it presents to Christians.

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God's Word

What is the bible and what role should it have in our lives? These 10 texts explore what the bible says about itself.

God's Heart for Prayer

What is prayer and how does the Bible teach us to pray? These 10 texts show us the heart of God for our prayer life.

Stories of Transformation

Grace changes everything. These 10 texts explore different ways that the Bible presents the work of God in the lives of individuals.

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True Wisdom

What is wisdom and how do we get it? These 10 texts explore where wisdom comes from and how we can grow in it.

Creation to Christ

What is the Bible about? These 10 texts show how the Bible is one unified story that points to Jesus.

Life on Mission

What is the mission of God in the world and how does Jesus send us out on mission with him? These 10 texts explore the heart of God for his world and what it means to be sent to all nations.

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Stories of Hope

What is a Christian’s hope? These 10 texts explore the hope God gives his people in the midst of a broken world.

Life of Discipleship

What does it look like to follow Jesus as his disciple? These 10 texts explore what it means to live in light of the good news of God’s kingdom.

Money: God or Gift?

Money is only a means of exchange, it is no more evil than an item of clothing. Evil comes from within our hearts, from our idolatry. 



This walk through Galatians challenges us to consider where our joy may be lacking and our freedom faltering and how we can get it back by consciously trusting in the free grace of Christ.


Paul's letter to the Philippians is full of the joy of knowing and living for Christ. It invites us into that same joy of seeing and savouring him.

Pointers to Christ

This series explores how Old Testament figures and events point to the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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1 John

Come and learn from John, one of Jesus’ nearest and dearest friends. These 10 texts explore John’s letter to the churches in Asia Minor.

Life of Abraham

Abraham believed and was counted righteous. Come and explore his extraordinary life and how he points us to salvation in Christ.

1 Peter

The first letter written by the Apostle Peter to a number of churches facing persecution and hardship. It is a letter to broken and messy people about a good and gracious God.



Ephesians is packed with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These 10 texts explore John’s letter to the churches in Asia Minor.


Not ashamed of the gospel. A study of the Letter to the Romans. These 10 weeks explore the theological foundations and implications of the good news about Jesus.

10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments reveal to us God's moral law - how God would have us relate to himself and to one another in the most basic, and also the most profound ways.

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