Mission Groups

Engaging neighbourhoods, networks, and needs

Text "MG" to 778-400-6496 to sign up

or email us at info@lighthousechurch.ca


Middle School Youth (grades 5-8)

Lighthouse Youth is a place to have fun, build friendships, and grow in following Jesus together. Invite your friends and come hang out with us!


High School Youth (grades 9-12)

Lighthouse Youth is a place to have fun, build friendships, and grow in following Jesus together. Invite your friends and come hang out with us!

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Young Adults

Our young adults group loves to explore how faith in Jesus intersects with life in Victoria here and now. From film studies to bonfires at the beach, this group knows how to have fun and be thoughtful while they do.


the Barn

Faith, Fitness, Family, Fun

Classes for Adults and Kids 

Mondays and Wednesdays

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Walks and Talks

Join our women's walking group as we have fun exploring the local beauty of our island. Enjoy easy to moderate walks and hikes while sharing good times and lively conversation.

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Come and enjoy God's creation while we hike some of the best trails Vancouver Island has to offer!

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Soccer. Where people try to put a moderately sized ball into the back of an inordinately large net MAYBE once over the course of an hour and a half.

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Neighbourhood Groups

Be a redemptive presence in your neighbourhood, or join another group and love, serve, and care for their neighbourhood!

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Pub Night

Welcome to Pub Night, where Hebrews refers to the guy who made the beer, where draught theology is on tap for all, and where inhibitions are lowered just enough to make things interesting.

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At Lighthouse we love newcomers of all kinds! This group seeks to serve those who have more recently made Victoria their home and involves teaching ESL and providing support for families navigating life in Canada for the first time.


Women's Group

We are a group of super chill women who meet outdoors weekly (mostly with our young kids) to love and support one another in our faith.


Pizza in the Park Langford

Saturday afternoons throughout the summer are a great time to eat pizza and enjoy Veteran's Memorial Park in Langford. We would love for you to join us. Bring drinks/sides!

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Refugee Sponsorship

Christianity teaches that God welcomes the stranger, the afflicted, the brokenhearted. Seeking refuge in a peaceful country like Canada is a great blessing to those who are able, but the process is too often long and expensive. Our refugee sponsor group works hard to help shorten the process as well as to care for refugees when they arrive.

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L'Abri, founded in Switzerland in 1955 by Francis and Edith Schaeffer, is a place where people, whether Christian or not, might find satisfying answers to their questions and a practical demonstration of Christian care.

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Burnside Community Dinner

Hosted by the Burnside Community Center, we gather to eat, meet, and greet those who are new to the Burnside-Tillicum area!

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Christian Model Ministries
Indigenous Mission to Uganda and East Africa

Every other year a team from Lighthouse travels to Uganda to love, serve, support, encourage, and be encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Christ there.

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Street Hope Victoria

Street Hope Victoria is a volunteer-driven Christian organization that builds personal relationships with people who face multiple barriers and marginalization and encourages them to seek wholeness in all aspects of their lives.