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Elementary & Preschool

Help our little ones learn about the love of Jesus through our engaging curriculum and various learning stations. Arrival time is 9:15am.



We have fun toys to play with and gospel-rich books to read to these little cuties. Arrival time is 9:15am.

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Music Ministry

If you are musical we need you to help us reach our city with the gospel! Arrival time is 8am.


Setup/Teardown Crew

Help us transform a movie theatre into Lighthouse Church each week. We want to put our best foot forward so any newcomers know they are welcome. Arrival is 8am.

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Visual Tech

If you struggle with perfectionism, this job is for you! The flow of the service depends on your impeccable button-pressing skills. Arrival is 9:15am.


Sound Tech

Operating a 32 channel digital soundboard and working with the music team to lead us in worship sound like your jam? Join our sound team! Arrival time is 8am.

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Giving Team

Giving is an important act of faith in Jesus and a crucial part of reaching our city for the gospel. Arrival is 9:15am.

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Livestream Tech

Our newest Serve Team created to serve those who worship from a distance. This is many people’s first impression of Lighthouse when they find us online. Arrival time is 8am.

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Greeting and Hospitality

The smiling faces of Lighthouse Church. Are you a hugger? This isn’t the role for you. Arrival time is 9:15am.


Ushering Team

Worship in a movie theatre can be a bit strange for newcomers. Our ushers offer big welcomes and a helping hand when needed. Arrival time is 9:15am.

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