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Leadership Nominations

We are again asking our Lighthouse Church members to nominate potential men that they feel should consider going through the training for deacon and elder. We also ask you to put women forward that your feel may be helpful in serving to assist our deacons as a deaconess. Nominations are open for March and April. These are private nominations, so please refrain from informing those you nominate. 

What do we look for in potential Elders and Deacons?


Lighthouse Church is a church organized around Presbyterian principles. That means we are elder-led in structure (Presbyterian comes from presbuteros—the Greek word for elder). The Presbyterian structure works like this:

1. Each church is to be run by elders from that church. 

2. The elders of each church corporately make decisions about the long- term, spiritual, and operational direction of the church. They are to shepherd the church in its spiritual health. The elders are, in our denomination, called the ‘session’ of the church.


3. Elders are nominated by members, vetted and qualified by the existing elders, and then presented to the church by report as to who is qualified. 


  • Elders are qualified by meeting the biblical standards for eldership in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2:

  • The husband of one wife

  • Above reproach

  • Able to teach

  • Self-controlled 

  • Hospitable

  • Filled with the Spirit and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit


4. Elders must fulfill the spiritual duties of a shepherd:

  • Visiting the sick

  • Teaching and guarding right doctrine

  • Setting a worthy example to the congregation

  • Sharing their faith zealously

  • Opening their home in generous hospitality

  • Caring for the hurting and the broken, and the spiritual needs of the people 

  • Disciplining those in open, unrepentant sin


5.  All of the elders in a geographic region comprise a presbytery.

I.    The presbytery meets several times per year

Ii.   The presbytery oversees all of the churches in its area 

Iii.  The presbytery hears and adjudicates serious discipline issues 


6.  Elders nominees are trained in Bible, theology, prayer, and skills related to their office. 

Deacons have strong Christian character and in many ways share the same lifestyles of proven integrity as elders. They are different in that they do not need to be proven as capable teachers of God's word because their predominate role is that of service. That is what the word Deacon means "servant". 

Deacons are the model servants appointed to a local church office. They are deployed to assist the pastors or elders by protecting church unity, organizing practical service, and meeting tangible needs.  

More on the Process

  1. Members may nominate and vote for elder candidates

  2. Elder nominees, need to be members of Lighthouse Church

  3. Nominations are to be done confidentially. That means that we do not tell a person that we intend to nominate them, nor ask their permission. This is done so that people are not placed in awkward situations, so as to tell you why they are not qualified, may not feel qualified, or why they may not be able to serve.

  4. We will not follow up with you on your nomination. There will be people nominated who are not qualified for the office of elder. You may be assured that we will follow up on all nominations that are potentially qualified. Even nominations of men who are not members, nor fully qualified, are opportunities to encourage and challenge men to prepare for future service to Christ’s Church.  

  5. Nominate through this form on Lighthouse website, or return this to one of the elders, or pastors.

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